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November 25th, 2014 Hot Deals & Coupons

Pre Black Friday Deals From Little RulerHey Little Ruler fans! Here’s our first deal blast of the holiday season. In the coming weeks we’ll bring you the best deals on all the skate, surf and snow deals we can find for your Little Ruler.  Getting a jump on the game, here’s what’s available now!  Keep in mind, while discounts will get steeper, available sizes will continue to diminish.



Tony Hawk Rides A Real Hoverboard

Tony Hawk Riding A HoverboardAfter all the hype and fakeouts regarding the infamous hoverboard from Back To The Future 2, it appears this time it’s for real.  The crew over at Hendo posted a video a while back of their real, actual, working, non hoaxing hoverboard they’ve developed.  Knowing the likely needed a 2nd opinion from a professional, Tony Hawk paid a visit to their Palo Alto office to get a first hand experience.

How does it work?  Electromagnets, a copper surface, and some other magic of sorts.  With 27 days left to go, they’ve already doubled their Kickstarter goal of $250k. How much are the initial prototypes expected to cost? Get in line today with your $10,000 and you could be one of the first people to own a Hendo hoverboard.

Five Year Old Gonzalo Morales Is Ripping!

Gonzalo Morales – No Photoshop

We’ve seen some groms get after it before, but I think five year old Gonzalo Morales pretty much takes the win for the youngest ripper I’ve ever seen.  Hailing from Peru, it appears “Gonzo” is already getting some flow from Volcom for his skills and determination. Kid is doing gaps and sets of stairs three times as tall as he is? Check out the video below, which was actually posted on YouTube in September.

NHS 40th Anniversary & New Skateboarding Museum

NHS, the home of Santa Cruz, Creature, Independent & a wide vareity of other brands you love recently celebrated their 40th anniverasy and opened their much anticpiated skate museum to the public. Check out the video below for look at the grand opening day.

13 Year Old Jagger Eaton Wins KDC Big Air Event

Jagger Eaton Takes Home 1st Place13 year old Jagger Eaton got down to business this past weekend at the Kimberly Diamond Cup in South Africa, taking home 50,000 Rands (about $5,000 USD) for his efforts.  Check out the video where he nails a backside 180 kickflip and a 360 flip over the gap. Jono Schwan and Andy Macdonald took home 2nd and 3rd place along with some loot.

14 Year Old Alex Midler vs. Ryan Bobier – Battle Royale

Chris Cole got the idea to put together an impromptu battle royale between 14 year old Volcom & DC rider Alex Midler and Ryan Bobier at the Street League Super Crown a few weeks ago.  Frontside bluntslide shuvit out. See who won in the video below.

Four Year Old Taije Liljestrom Rips!

Four year old Taije Liljestrom is one of the youngest skaters we’ve ever seen.  His dad hooked him up with a board for his first birthday, and now when asked “who’s a better skate, him or his dad”, he says “I am”, and why? “Cause I rip” says Taije.  He’s having touble getting into some skate camps, as many don’t allow kids under five years old.  Taije and his Dad John live in La Mesa California and it appears they skate the local “Dallas” street park.

New Asher Bradshaw Video

Nine year old Asher Bradshaw continues to hone his skills down in Venice, CA.  Check out this new edit released a few days ago of him ripping up the park. 

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